The Shodan

Bfd stod för publikationen av denna bok.

"The Shodan" innehåller alla grundtekniker utom Kata, som du behöver på din väg mot Shodan (svartbälte). Den kan däremot inte förmedla annat du behöver för att nå Shodan, som till exempel gott uppförande, disciplin, ödmjukhet och heder. Boken är en vägledning och ger inte svar på alla frågor.

Författare: Shihan Howard Collins 7 dan

The Gateway

Bfd stod för publikationen av denna bok.

The Gateway" visar dig de Kihon-tekniker som du behöver studera för att kunna förbättra din teknik på din väg mot en kyugrad. En bra bok är ett hjälpmedel men du kommer alltid att behöva en erfaren instruktör som kan lära dig att utveckla teknik, disciplin och gott uppförande.

Författare: Shihan Howard Collins 7 dan

3c Consulting

3c Consulting - Howards tankar och filosofi…

For over forthy years as an Karate instructor I have been working with people trying to help them improve both their physical and mental abilities. Included in my training I emphasize the importance of concentrating and focusing on what they are doing. Repeating myself over and over saying concentrate on what you are doing focus on what you want to achieve.

Concentrate on what they are doing has significantly been reduced. I began to think why this was happening and came to the conclusion that people tend to neglect their mental training in preference for the physical, because it is easier and they get fast results. Just take a look in a newspaper or magazine most of the advertisements on heath matters are focused on physical health. Look better, lose weight, gain more muscle etc.

Today’s society is stressful and physical training is very important to help alleviate stress. But there must be a balance between the mind; body and spirit one cannot exist without the other. The ability to concentrate on what you want to do and focus on how to do it helps relieve tension which in turn calms you down, leading to a less stressful lifestyle. To this end I started 3C teaching people to focus and concentrate on what they are doing. If you succeed in your goals then you become more relaxed and which in turn leads to an improved healthy life style.

What does the word training mean; to bring a person to a high degree of proficiency in a specific skill.

I am sure that you participate in some kind of physical activity, if you do not then you should. For those who like to jog you probably keep a note of the time it takes to run a certain distance. Those of you who like to spend time in the gym will check to see if you are getting stronger by lifting heavier weights. In both cases you are trying to get better at what you are doing.

What has this got to do with focus and concentration you may ask? Well apart from the fact that you must focus and concentrate while training you are also developing skills to improve your performance. So why not use the same principal i.e. training to develop your focus and concentration, just like jogging or playing tennis they have to be practiced to be improved.

It is easier to measure physical training, today you can lift 50 kilos one month later 60, today it takes ten minutes to run a given distance one month later, nine minutes. So how can we measure focus and concentration? How can we develop focus and concentration? How do you know that you are not focusing or concentrating?

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